アナザーユニオンハジマリの物語 – 「ONE」 – Another Union


月刊アナザーユニオンマガジン 1 月号


公式HPも同時にオープンしました→  次回ライブは10/6(土)に決定済みです!

New band formed by Seiichiro Hayakawa, + Princess Tissue + Kaori Oda – The Pirate King [breaking from the launch site!]

The name is “Another Union”! HP officially opened at the same time →


kaori oda
kaori oda
kaori oda
kaori oda

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER UNION

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  2. ANOTHER UNION –> another band of u ? another project of friends ?
    wow, don’t u get tire, Kokumaro san? kind more busy u’re 🙂

    mmm, i like the band’s name ! is it about reunion? coz i see Seiichiro san n Kaizoku san on it. so, it means “OUZOKU band doesn’t exist anymore, isn’t? 😦
    btw, with new vocalist,, can’t wait the performance !

    so, congrats with the new band ! keep on rock n roll \m/

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