This page is a randomly selected group of images of food and drink items that TISSUE HIME has posted on blog and other sources. 

(the captions are taken directly from TISSUE HIME)







メローンソーダとチーリドッグッ!(チリドッグ抜き) – Melon soda and chili dog! (Without chili dog).

この健康的な朝食を見ろぉぉぉー! – Ooo Look over this a healthy breakfast! !

差し入れでいただいたせんべいボリボリ。フゥーッ!! – Boribori you crackers in collateral. Fuutsu! !

これから打ち上げお寿司!!納豆巻とイクラしか食べないけど幸せ!!   –   Sushi now launched! ! I only eat natto roll and salmon roe happy! !

13 thoughts on “FOOD AND DRINK

  1. Wow! Didn’t realize the novels/series was popular enough to inspire beverages!

    I have to note that it does look really good. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a hang of chop sticks! It looks so much easier when other people use them.

    Sadly I cannot read that… learning Japanese is still a work in progress! What does it say btw? Only thing I believe I can remotely recognize is what looks like the number 5.

  2. I’ve been wondering, because i recognized the こ as a ! O.o
    Now i know why i like you xD
    You have the same batty humor as me

  3. does the drink (the blue one, second picture from top) glow in the dark? so why it looks so bright? 🙂 what is its name?

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