Here are the best TISSUE HIME videos available


ティッシュ姫 – Tissue Hime plays Revolution Dualism – 俺の嫁に「革命デュアリズム」をベースで弾かせてみた

Tissue Hime 【ティッシュ姫】 – 戦慄!! ムカデ競争 – Original song → of P’s and Miki

アナザーユニオンハジマリの物語 – ANOTHER UNION – 「Story of The Beginning 」 – [LIVE]

ティッシュ姫 Tissue Hime x BabyDollSymphony 首斬りクイーン 「Queen Kubikiri」 [Live]

ティッシュ姫 Tissue Hime – Home security plan Daisy × Daisy – with Tissue Hime – 29.04.12

ティッシュ姫 「メルト」- Tissue Hime – 「Melt」

王族BAND Ouzoku Band – 「NightRider」 – Live

Tissue Hime ティッシュ姫 – 「S・K・Y」。

TISSUE HIME – NAUGHTY PRINCESS – 3 – banned by Youtube!

ティッシュ姫 & 王族BAND – UP↑ROAD – MV


ティッシュ姫 & RYO – World is Mine – feat: Hatsune Miku

10 thoughts on “VIDEO

  1. Can we have a video of your latest performance- the ones of the top three images in the “gallery section”? -that would be interesting and nice. Thank you for brighten many people’s life!

  2. ありがとう、姫ーさま
    Though my years of Japanese study has been fun I cannot express my feeling toward you through it yet. I apologies.

    It was you that influenced me to play music, and specifically the bass guitar. And it was you who influenced my “fashion sense”, and refreshed my love for Japanese music and culture. I thank you for unknowiningley having the largest impact on me than anything else in this world.

    I could not be who I am right now without you being in my life, my memory, and my idealistic light. I used to sit down and pretend I could play your songs. Now I sit down and play them. Thank you. You are the rythmn that motivates me to follow my spirit…This is embarrassing but I cannot resist admiting it. Thank you.

  3. I also just watched Night Rider live vid. Kaizoku looks so full of himselfwww. Walking about that stage like the song is so easy.

  4. No mean to be rude, but could you do a video of you playing along to Night Rider? :3c I want to see you play it so I can learn it easier then I can now. It’s difficult with just ear.

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